Technical Difficulties

Technology: it's part of our lives whether we like it or not. This week I like it...and don't.

After suavely dropping my cell phone in the toilet on Wednesday, I went to the cell phone store to get a replacement. The old one wasn't breathing and damn if I would be giving it mouth-to-mouth! Actually, I'm not all that upset because 1) it lived a long time, even after being dropped on the pavement multiple times; and 2) I wanted a slider phone with a full keyboard anyway. Of course it wasn't official upgrade time so I took it in the rear price-wise. But hey - this is my work phone (and I can write it off)!

In other tech news, I finally gave in and went to C*mcast (a.k.a. RetardedRipoffMutherfuckers) to get a DVR for our bedroom. I am tired of fighting Punkin for storage space on that thing. For some reason, Wizards of Hannah Montana takes up 3 times the room as House. So I got the thing home, wrestled with the cables for a while and got it all set up. I anti-climaxed as I turned it on and got the "blue screen of death." After calling "tech support" (a.k.a. the back room in an Indian deli), the "customer service representative" told me that a "technician" would be coming to my house today between 2-5pm (a.k.a. never, you stupid ass! Sit at home and wait for us! HAHAHAHAHAHA!).

It is 7:36 and nary a "technician" has been found. The "customer service representative" that I spoke to this time said that the service call was "cancelled because the customer was not home." Huh? I must have dreamed that Shane and I made sure that one of us was home all afternoon. So, our next imaginary appointment is Monday between 2-5. Makes me rethink if we really need cable...for a minute.


Kat said...

Technology is like some men. .Can't live with 'em. . can't shoot 'em!

Creechman said...

You are cracking me up!

Tracey said...

LOLOLOLOL!!!! Don't you just love service calls? *read that with dripping sarcasm*

Reggie said...

Nice to see Comcast has not improved since my days of dealing with them. I was so happy when the MLB package moved to DirecTV and gave me an excuse to change providers. DirecTV's support has been amazing - only in that they actually have support.

Comcast/TimeWarner sucks.

Anonymous said...

You could have live-blogged while waiting for your Comcast technician. It makes for excellent drama and entertainment.

Enough can not be said about how much Comcast service sucks.

However, last time I dealt with Comcast service, they sent a contractor from a different company. The contractor was on-time and highly competent.

Eric G.

selzach said...

We've had the same craptastic service with Br!ght House. Our cable and internet have had problems since we moved in to our house 5 years ago. We've been through multiple DVRs and high speed modems, techinicians that never show, and an idiot who claimed our internet problems were due to a loose cable, jiggled the connector, and left. We so can't wait for FiOS to be available.

D!recTV was no better. We'd lose reception any time there was a bad thunderstorm...which is nearly every afternoon in the summer.