My Foray into the Mainstream

The Secret is sure getting a lot of attention. First Larry King, then Oprah, and now an article in the local paper. I'm glad these ideas are going mainstream. Maybe people will be more positive and kinder to one another. Anything that gives people hope has my vote.

And speaking of vote...I attempted to watch American Idol last night for the first time in ages. I usually like to tune in at the beginning of the season to see the really bad people. It makes me not feel so bad about my shower singing. Anyway, I watched for about 20 minutes and saw nothing. There were commercials and something that looked like a telethon. What happened? Is Idol getting to be like MTV, who lost the "music" part of "music television" a long time ago?

I hate to admit it, but I am glad we have cable. At least when we want to watch television, there's usually something interesting on. It seems like pop culture is drowning in commercialism.


Creechman said...

"The Secret" is a cool website. And don't knock cable, or satellite. Time is precious, so might as well have all available options in front of you.

I've never seen one minute of "American Idol," ever. Paula Abdul to me is.... straight up.

I miss music like that. Just fun. Have you tried FM lately? Gah.

Bubba's Sis said...

I love American Idol, but that is one complaint I have about it.....TOO MANY COMMERCIALS!!! Sometimes - especially the results shows - I will DVR it so I can fast-forward thru the blah-blah nonsense and all the commercials and just watch the show. It's much faster that way!!

Eric said...

The telethon is actually pretty cool. For each vote, $0.10 will be donated to excessively needy people in Africa. I got no qualms with that!

As for the ads, it's impossible to watch television without a TiVo or some TiVo knock-off. You should get one.

Not that I ever watch American Idol. *cough*

Tracey said...

No AI here. But...DWTS, ANTM and PCD is high on my list...:)

latt├ęgirl said...

What, no WNTW? ;-P