Happy St. Pat's Day

I remember being in college, thinking that St. Pat's Day on a Saturday was a major SCORE! Kind of like your birthday falling on a weekend. Green beer (or whatever's on sale) all day and possibly all night long - no classes the next day to skip. No work to call in sick to.

If I remember correctly, the food coloring in the green beer tended to flatten the carbonation. No problem after you get the first two or three down.

My celebration today? Run a support group this morning for pregnant women (no green beer there) and then mosey up to my dad's house for an unofficial St. Pat's Day cook-out. It'll be in the guise of having a belated for the Punkin, who just wants more presents. I doubt they'll have green beer either, but green margaritas are a distinct possibility.

The water has been running all night, filling up the pool at last. I say "at last," but in reality it's not even been 30 days since they broke ground. It's a quick process actually. Maybe by tomorrow, Punkin will be able to partake in the wetness. Remember when you were 8 and you didn't care how cold the water was? We can't run the heater for another week...something about the plaster needing to cure.

If you run across any green beers today, tell them "hi" for me. Long time, no see.


Bubba's Sis said...

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Eric said...

Next year you should run a support group for green beers.