secret messages

terry left a comment on the last post that inspired this one. the subject of manipulating the universe vs. recognizing messages from the universe is something i am having fun learning about right now.

according to the third law of motion, or the law of attraction, we all have the power to create our own realities. that means that we can make things happen and manifest the things and events in our lives with the power of thought. there isn't a very big difference between the creation process and being aware of the subtle messages that are being sent to you from the universe, but there is a difference. i believe that a person can be so wrapped up in creating that they miss these messages of guidance.

the next time you find yourself hit with a "coincidence," really pay attention. these situations in particular are usually the universe communicating with us. the other day, a friend of mine told me about a good book she was reading by a man named eckhart tolle. that night, i saw a big advertisement in a magazine about the very same author (who i hadn't heard of before this). the next day, the same friend called me and said that she had gotten a phone call out of the blue from an old friend of hers, who suggested that she read a book by...eckhart tolle.

today, i have the power of now by eckhart tolle playing in the cd player of my car - an out-of the-blue loan from my friend. it is an excellent resource to remind me that the present moment is the ultimate gift. things like this allow me to stay off of anxiety and depression meds! they are wonderful messages from the universe that tell me that all is well.

another example is the new house. about a month ago, we had come across a different house that caught our eye. it seemed perfect! it had everything we wanted in a new home (except for a large garage) and we were so excited! however, another couple also was interested, and we had to put in an offer in competition with the other people. they "won" the house, turning in an offer that was actually $6,000 above the asking price!

we were crushed...at first. after we got over ourselves, we realized that that wasn't our house. we were able to get the message that hey - don't be sad. this wasn't your house anyway. you'll come across your house, and it'll all work out!

lo and behold, a few weeks later we found our house. it's even more perfect (the garage holds 3 cars) and it is priced $44,000 less than the first house! and of course there was no competition for it - after all, if it's our house, then no one else would be involved.

so, while we were consciously creating the home that we wanted, we also had the presence of mind to listen to the subtle messages of our experience. we could have gotten really disappointed and lost the passion for house-hunting. we could have gotten angry or disillusioned. remembering that how we feel is our choice allowed us to stay in a mode in which we could receive what was already ours.


terry said...

Wow. Well written. Especially liked the part about the house being YOURS, so "of course there was no other competition."

Now you have just given me the idea for today's post at my place. But I'll just say here, that I don't believe in coincidences; that I examine everything (maybe even almost obsessively) to find links and reasons and messages. Sometimes I've been convinced of messages that didn't quite turn out to be what I thought, but the exercise -- the constant AWARENESS and analysis of all things around me -- has been a very interesting part of the journey. :)

Just a few days ago, I popped in here for the first time after idly looking at Mark's bloglist. I thought, "hmm, I've read a few of these blogs, but not Tigger's. I'll just go see what Tigger's about." And that was the day you were talking about negative mood and taking people out of the equation to make yourself happy. And COINCIDENTALLY (haha) I was in the same predicament here at home.

I wrote my list, by the way. Things I want.

tigger said...

That's awesome! Keep me posted about when you receive the things you want!

Kambri said...

You're so awesome!


tigger said...

Right back at ya, KC!

Anonymous said...

Three cars? Your daughter driving already??

Actually, I call those "two-boat, one-car garages." But the wife doesn't think that's so funny seeing as we're landlocked.

- Tex T-bone

tigger said...

LOL! Actually we wanted a 3 car garage not for 3 cars...we just got tired of dinging our car doors when we got out in the garage.