what do you want?

if you've ever really asked yourself this question, you probably know how difficult it is to answer. i know i was very surprised at how long i had to think about it before i had anything coherent to reply. we think we know what we want, but do we?

yes, it is a broad question. you can ask yourself what you want for a number of areas in your life - health? relationships? career? recreation? if you think you know how to answer these questions, try to write them down...pinpoint what it is you'd like your life to look like in a year...5 years...20 years. you'll probably find that it's tough to do.

we all want health, harmony and happiness. but there are so many roads that will take you there! do you want to get married? be single? be an athlete? an armchair quarterback? a ceo? a janitor? have kids? have dogs? have dogs and kids? our everyday experiences help us to shape the answers to these questions - we learn about our preferences. you may prefer to have a dog instead of a kid right now. you may prefer the color red over the color blue. you may like physical labor better than mental labor. perhaps you prefer paper to plastic.

if you sit and really think about what you prefer in all areas of your life, you can take even the most vague longing and clarify it into a specific want. and if you know what you want, then you can do things that will put you in the path to attain it. but if you don't know what you want, you'll sit in the sea of vague longings...possibly for a long, long time.

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terry said...

It is true that writing things down helps to clarify your goals. A friend and I were talking just a few days ago and I exclaimed how amazing it was that her goals seem, lately, to be falling into place, one after another, like dominoes. And she said that after a year of vaguely musing about this and that (specifically, if she should move, when,and where), she wrote down her priorities and felt as though they had crystallized in her mind.

After that, wow. Events just happened -- at an unexpected speed, but even then, she knows it's because she clearly visualized what she wanted and that invigorated her.

And since that conversation, I've been meaning to pull out my book and make my own list of Things I Want... and am going to do it right this instant.

tigger said...

Good for you! That's listening to the universe...

terry said...

Haha! No, it`s trying to make the universe do my bidding!!

tigger said...

Ooohhh! I think I feel another post coming on! Listening to the universe...finding the secret messages!