i don't get it

i broke down and joined the masses. my new ipod arrived yesterday, and it may be the final blow to my sanity.

i worked with macs constantly for years back in my software days. my macbook has been good to me so far. why oh why am i having such a hard time with this little tool from satan?

all i want is to listen to some mp3s. i set up the ipod on the macbook. great. i could download music, movies and the exact addresses of major celebrities. okay, maybe not. anyway, i could do just about everything except put my mp3's on it. they would not copy onto the ipod. i kept getting some stupid alert that said "this cannot be copied onto your ipod." uh...why not? thank you for more of the same, mr. gates.

so now, i am trying to download the software, itunes onto my windows pc to see if i have any luck there. i did figure out that i needed to change a setting to allow "manual installation" of things. notice i said that i am trying to download the software. this is my third attempt. it keeps stopping mid-install, saying i do not have enough privileges to stop services. wtf? i don't want to stop the service - i'm trying to start it, for goodness sake!

so...anyone want to buy a slightly used ipod? when i say slightly, i mean that it's only been thrown across the room 3 times - probably minute compared to most.

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cjh said...

I feel your pain, sista. I had similar problems as did my brother. I know how to do the basics but haven't taken the time to figure out anything beyond that. I put all (well, most) of my CDs on my computer and then from there to the iPod. I'll help you if I can. Let me know.