you're as rich as you feel...

...and i feel abundantly rich in so many ways. i woke up at 1:30am and started worrying about various things - packing up the house, selling this house, moving, the expenses involved in that, selling my mom's condo and buying her a new place...

before i knew it, i had worked myself into feeling overwhelmed and panicky, which is something that i do not experience on a regular basis anymore. in fact, those feelings are unacceptable to me now that i know what inner peace feels like. it's all about contrast, i suppose.

anyway, after lying there in bed for a while fighting the anxiety and desperately trying to change my thoughts, i got up and started paying bills. they were mostly my mom's bills (i manage her finances). but when my mom has no money with which to pay the bills, i get to do some creative money-juggling.

i got that done and i was still feeling broke. so, i did this exercise that always makes me feel better about my finances. i have a little trial money management software package that covers the bare minimum. it was free, and something that's fun to play with. back in october, i started a fantasy bank account. every day, i deposit progressively higher amounts of money, starting at $1000, $2000, $3000 and so on. my job is to try to spend it as quickly as i deposit it, which is no easy feat.

today, i had to make up for a couple of weeks of missed deposits - $589,000 to be exact. I paid off my current home, my new home, my car, my credit card bills, my upcoming trip to sedona, my personal assistant, pre-paid the movers and put $65k in my mom's checking account. i still have $200k to spend!

even though this is a fantasy exercise, it is a good demonstration of how easily money flows into and out of my life. i have been very fortunate to never worry about money, even if i only had $5 to my name. my dad taught me early on never to dwell on my finances, because i can always make more moolah. he's right, too. even in the "darkest hours" of my financial situation, i have made it out just fine, and am still alive and kicking!

well, it's approaching 3am and i am getting mighty sleepy. now that i am feeling abundant again, i think i will go back to bed.


om mother life force said...

it dependes on how i felt---i am negative rich.

tryed to get yahoo DSL and they woulnt give it to me as a direct deposit to my bank acount--wanted to have me swich to a [debit card] what ever that is, had a savings acount for 20 years.

tryed to buy a dell computor, i called them in january and they said did i have a dell card/credit card --no--well signe you up for one --so you dont have to do it later,

so i called last friday to buy a xps 210 computor for $1,600, and after they took my order, a half hour--they asid

SORRYYYYY---CANT SELL YOU ONE , you signed up for the dell card,in january and didnt use it in a month. aaaaaaggghhhhh.didnt say any thing about a time limit--now i cant even buy the computor--to put with the --DSL i dont have.

MONEY STINKS!!!!!feeling prity poor right now

one good thing --THE VERY NEXT DAY--DELL CHANGED THER INTIRE COMPUTOR LINE---the $1,600 i would have payed was reduced to $779 then i would have realy been peeeeeed

will be back to read more later ,writing this on our downstairs disibility computors

LIKE your

1. DAILYOM--im on there allso


3. i like yahoo answers--livly disgussion , on [ society and religion]

have a 360 allso.

peace and light

om mother life force
om goddess of avalon

fred heidrick , will be back to read more:)

Creechman said...

You can throw in my car repair shop bill, a mere $1,522 while your dancing with figures.

Hello rice and beans.

cheryl said...

I like your idea of the fantasy account. It follows prosperity thinking (my church is devoting all of December to that message!). Blog on, tigger!

tigger said...

Do you go to Unity in Houston? We visited a couple of weeks ago and liked it.

Cheryl said...

I go every now and again to the "pyramid" Unity as we've always called it. But I'm a member of a small Unity church in Clear Lake. The big Unity has a great deal to offer; I'm glad you liked it. You can hear great speakers there. I try to see Wayne Dyer when he's in town.

Anonymous said...

Now, what does money have to do with being rich?

You need to find a fantasy ATM pronto. Just think what $200k would buy.

Texas T-bone

tigger said...

T, I know you're of the mind that money has nothing to do with being rich. And you're right - beauty, love and meaning make us rich beyond comprehension. But I still say that you are hard pressed to enjoy all those things if you can't pay your bills.

lattégirl said...

Touché on the last response! Money can't buy happiness, but you feel happier when your utility bill is paid so you can ENJOY a warm house in winter. (Sorry, my thinking is resolutely Canadian there. Let me rephrase.) Money makes you feel happier if it's 95C and you can turn on the AC.

Your fantasy money thing sounds neat, but I fear I am too grounded to indulge. Which is not to say you're not grounded, Tigs; but I feel it's sort of like day-dreaming about what you'd do if you won the lottery. Pleasant to think about, but potentially an exercise in frustration.