Getting Old is Hell

After waiting 4 weeks, I finally got the results from my lower back MRI - osteoarthritis! Most likely started 5 years ago when I got into a really bad car wreck at age 16. And then, with "wear and tear," it just got worse. So now instead of "I don't want to go to the gym," it's come down to "I must go to the gym." I am hoping that being a gym rat will become enjoyable. I've had a couple of friends and my husband volunteer to get memberships so they can help me stay motivated. I have the best peeps in my life!!

My mom's reaction had me Googling places to buy burial plots. She is the most pessimistic person I have ever known. It's a wonder I am not a total downer all the time with the way I was brought up to expect the worst. I guess that's why complainers bother me so much. It can always be worse!

OK - time to go fire up the ol' heating pad. And me only being 21 and all...


cjm said...

Sorry to hear about your diagnosis but woohoo about being 21. :)

selzach said...

OMG, you're 21 already? I can't wait to be legal. Hahaha.

Even if you don't feel like working out, there's always the eye candy to ogle and the muscle heads to laugh at (just not within hearing distance in case they get 'roid rage).