MOTHERS Act Passed the Senate

Taken from: Perinatal Pro

The MOTHERS Act now passed in Senate version of Healthcare Reform thanks to the efforts of U.S. Senator Robert Menendez!
Hallelujah!!! Here is some great news to truly validate our combined efforts and the hopes of THOUSANDS who have never waivered in their support!!!

We are THAT MUCH CLOSER to our goal of better understanding and protecting America’s mothers from postpartum related mood disorders thanks to the incredible focus of U.S Senator Robert Menendez. That much closer to ensuring that the tragedies of untreated maternal mood disorders will cease to devastate American mothers, infants and families.

The MOTHERS Act has been successfully included and passed in the Senate version of The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act !

The Senator’s office will now continue to work closely with House advocates to ensure it remains in the reconciled version of the bill which will then be presented to Congress for final passage.

If you are interested in reading the bill’s specific language, you can go to this link and click on “Full Text of Bill as Passed”. The language referencing The MOTHERS Act initiatives can be found on pages 595-604, section 2952 “Support Education and Research for Postpartum Depression”.

As The MOTHERS Act has always enjoyed great and nearly unanimous support in the U.S. House of Representatives, there is every reason to assume a successful outcome as the bills merge for final consideration and passage. Now is a great time to add your name to the petition to amplify the deafening drumbeat of support as our position strengthens!

Individual listings of constituents from every state who support this bill offer additional personal testimony to the science that substantiates the devastation of untreated maternal depression. Show your state representatives that you are among those who understand the bill’s critical importance to American families!

The days of decreasing the stigma of maternal mental illness long borne by silent suffering mothers and increasing the life saving awareness and services so desperately needed seem imminent.

Happy New Year!!!!

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