Holiday Time Again

Don't pass out...I am blogging. It's been a while, I know. Twitter and FaceBook make transmitting updates so darn fast and easy.

Another holiday season is upon us. I know this because I just dropped $300 at T@rget on a new tree, decorations for said tree, holiday cards, and the new Harry Potter movie. Right after I left, I got a call from my BFF with an update on her 85 year-old mom, who fell recently. She's not doing so well. What a polarity! Just goes to show you how dichotomous the Universe really is. The good with the bad...the happy with the sad.

I find myself facing this holiday season with ambiguity. I don't know why this year it's so difficult for me to get "in the spirit." Maybe it's because Punkin doesn't believe in Santa anymore. Or because so much of the activity feels obligatory. I feel pressured to put up a freaking plastic tree! I was hoping I'd be doing it with joy. Perhaps I just need an attitude adjustment.

Just don't play Christmas carols around me, OK?

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