Vegas Day 1

Hello from Vegas! We're in our cushy suite at The Venetian starting to get ready to see The Blue Man Group here in a few minutes. I can't get over this "room." It has a sunken living and dining area with a sectional sofa and 2 flat screen TVs. The bathroom is HUGE with a ginormous tub and a shower that could fit 5 people in it! (maybe later) There's even a small flat screen TV in there. The drapes are remote controlled!

I got $50 worth of slot credits for booking through Travelocity. That took me like 15 minutes to blow through on the quarter slots. Of course, when you play 5 quarters at a time, it doesn't take long. My friend actually won $100 on a machine and then proceeded to blow it again. We'll hit the tables later, I imagine. She plays blackjack and I like roulette. Neither one of us know how to play craps, but I bet we can learn just by watching.

Besides gambling, we have explored the hotel which is beyond huge. It's like 3 hotels in one. Just walking around taking it all in took over 2 hours.

I'll keep you posted as I can. Hopefully that won't be too much, as I plan on not being here in the suite a lot.


Tracey said...

Isn't the Venetian gorgeous??? That is where I stayed when I had that fabulous weekend a year and 1/2 ago. :)

Anonymous said...

If you look on the crap tables they actually have times that they give classes on how to play.

Reggie said...

Craps is one of the few games that is extremely difficult to learn just by watching.