Ready to Go

Tomorrow, I am heading out to Las Vegas with a girlfriend! It's been forever since I have had a girls' weekend, so I am looking forward to it so much!! I just can't believe how complicated I am making the packing process. I used to be such a light traveler - now it seems like I need an outfit for any possible mood I may be in! Need to reign that in for sure.

And, as Murphy would have it, yesterday I cut my shin pretty badly on my car door. So I get to sport a nifty giant band-aid for the next few days.

I shall not let that get me down. I am bringing my laptop so hopefully I will make time to post while I am gone. 


creechman said...

oh, you sneaky devil.

Garrett said...

Take protection. What happens in Vegas doesn't aways stay in Vegas.

Tracey said...

I am sooo jealous!!! Maybe next year you can join me and some girlfriends in Vegas. This year we are having a GWO in Seattle. I post pics on FB when all is said and done. :)