The new Nathan Fillion show, Castle, premiered last night. Here's the premise: Rick Castle is a best-selling murder mystery author who has just killed off his main character. He is getting pressure from his editor (who just happens to be his ex-wife as well) to write something new, but he is suffering from writer's block. Enter cute detective Kate Beckett, who begrudgingly asks Castle to help her solve a series of murders based on the crimes in his books. Castle not only helps her catch the bad guy, but also finds a muse in her that breaks his writer's block. Now he gets to follow her around and write about it.

I really liked the humor in the show. Nathan Fillion can really pull off comedy, as he's previously demonstrated in Firefly and Dr. Horrible. What I wasn't thrilled with was the cliche nature of Castle's character. He's basically a good-looking, successful womanizing asshole. And surprise! Kate Beckett can't stand him! So we have a layer of sexual tension always charging the situation. It would have been nice to see the Castle character be a little deeper and less predictable. Perhaps that will come as he's developed over the season.

Any thoughts from other fans out there?

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