Las Vegas Day 2

After enjoying The Blue Man Group last night, we ventured out to Lavo night club. I was reminded of why I quit going to those places. My idea of a good time doesn't consist of hundreds of people jammed together listening to repetitive house music. Ah, youth.

We got up this morning and decided to walk the Strip. We did some souvenir shopping along the way and then stopped at New York, New York to ride the Manhattan Express. It was awesome! I could ride things like that all day. My companion, however, decided that once was enough. On the walk back we stopped for a foot and shoulder massage that was about $150 cheaper than the ones offered here at the hotel. Sweet!

Janie has gone to the pool while I sit and update my tens of readers. Next up, getting dressed up to go gorge at The Buffet at the Bellagio and then see Criss Angel! Viva Las Vegas!

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latt├ęgirl said...

SQUEAL! Criss Angel! If you get within smelling distance of him, I demand to know.

This is sounding like a near-perfect Las Vegas trip! All that's left to do is win a "coupla large" at roulette!

With the mildest tinge of envy from 1/10 of your readers...