Tweet Tweet

I participate on Twitter. I think it's pretty fun to see what my friends are up to. Of course I could get the same info on FaceBook. But then I have some friends who are on one or the other, but not both.

I looked into adding a Twitter application on my FaceBook page so that I would only have to update once and it would go to both places. But I'd have to unlock my Twitter profile so that anyone could follow me.

I really don't want a bunch of strangers reading my updates. Apparently the cool thing to do is to have thousands of followers. I just don't see the attraction unless you are a celebrity or trying to build some kind of following. 

What am I missing here?


creechman said...

That is a reasonable viewpoint. I do Twitter out of occasional habit. Facebook is where it is at. With it's ease and chat... I never do ichat or AIM anymore.

Sometimes I even remember to eat dinner and sleep.

Tracey said...

I'm just starting to tweet. Interesting when you just want to make a quick status blurb. Maybe for those days you just don't want to facebook.