Catching Up

Just saw an ad for some tax service with a picture of a sad-looking dude on it. Apparently, the source of his sadness is that he's getting $0 back at tax time. Ummm...isn't that kinda the goal? Are people so uninformed that they actually think they are making money on their refunds? That getting nothing back also means that the government hasn't been making interest on your money? Arrrrgh. Whatever. Move on.

I can't believe that Punkin's spring break is almost over. Of course, it wasn't really a break for me. My down time was Las Vegas...if you want to call that down time. Anyway, I have gotten a lot done. I finally finished gathering documents to send to the CPA who will be purchasing a vacation home in Hawaii using the funds we're going to pay him since we're so unorganized this year. I got another test written and am about halfway through grading term papers. I organized all of my client files and caught up on notes. I finally broke down and purchased an iPhone since my cool new slider phone fell apart. Oh, and I seemed to have caught a bug that had me dreaming that I was suffocating this morning. That is not a cool feeling.

What's been going on in your world? I am hoping to catch up on my blog reading today at some point, too.

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creechman said...

I know where you like to keep your iphone when you don't have any pockets.