What a Day!

I am so not used to having Punkin gone! At work, I found myself hurriedly packing up so as to get home ASAP to watch a movie with her. At home, I think I hear, "Hey, mom?" all the time. I walk in the door with only the dogs to greet me. Don't get me wrong - it is nice not having her here in my face all the time, but I find myself missing her more than I expected.

My assistant had a really bad day today. Yes, I said assistant. I have one and I love her. I would almost give up food in order to keep paying her salary. Anyhoo, she took my car in to get the oil changed (a 30-minute job, tops). Apparently some jackhole at the garage knocked a hose loose and then wondered why the car would only run for 30 seconds at a time. After many an overlooking, the manager finally spied the problem and gave me a free fuel injector cleaning. Sweeeet. But, my assistant was gone 2 1/2 hours instead of 30 minutes. Then, after much dropping of things and banging of elbows, the piece de resistance - she lost my credit card.

She walked in the door crying. I thought her mother had died. No, she assured me, mom is fine. I...*sniff*...lost...*sob*...your CREDIT CARD! Then she flinched as if I were going to punch her. What a sweet kid. So, a quick phone call to the bank fixed it so no one could steal my identity in that particular moment, and the bank assured me a new one would be on its way in the morning. 

After reassuring the assistant that I was not going to fire her, and yes - I had actually done the same thing once, twice, a few times, I sent her home to hopefully get under the covers and not do another thing until the sun rises tomorrow.

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cjh said...

I'd just like to say that I, too, have been using "jackhole" in conversation. :o)