I Have a Rash

I have a small patch of skin on my back that's raised and itchy. Shane says it looks exactly like poison ivy. How in the heck did I get poison anything on my back? Anyway, it's starting to really drive me nuts. I woke up in the middle of the night, catching myself scratching. Nice. I've used half a bottle of calamine lotion since yesterday.

Besides my RASH, the big topic is Punkin going to Girl Scout Camp. She's leaving tomorrow and we're doing her laundry and packing today. She had a suspicious "stomach ache" yesterday, leading me to believe that she's experiencing some stress about the whole thing. She's not out of bed yet today, so I am hoping that a good nights' rest killed the stomachache germs.

Someone told me that .mac is down. Why am I not surprised?


cjh said...

I was just reading something about camp yesterday. The article was saying that people used to wait longer to send their kids and had lots of anxiety themselves. But it was saying they can be really good for the kids and the parents. I wouldn't know. I never went to camp. And if she's going to the GS camp around here, she could run away to my house.

Creechman said...

This is so ironic: the girl scout is experiencing anxiety while suburban mom gets poison ivy from lying on the couch.