New Word of the Day: Jackhole

Our neighborhood has one of those Yahoo Groups where you can post things for your neighbors to read. Mostly the posts are about garage sales, homeowner's association stuff, and community meetings. But every once in a while, these (presumably) grown people have junior high fights.

This morning's flame-fest was about people letting their dogs poop in neighbors' yards. It's really a time-honored argument. No, you shouldn't let your dog poop in other folks' yards or you should pick it up if it does happen. But we had some name-calling going on today. My favorite was "jackhole." Without giving any airtime to the immature argument, I must say that it was really junior high.

I guess we all have our buttons. I just can't imagine airing my ignorance for 1000 people to read. [What the heck am I talking about? I air my ignorance here all the time! Good thing only 6 people read this thing.]


danelle said...

I wanted to start one of those in my neighborhood but I'm afraid I would be the jackhole. And I don't even have a dog.

cjh said...

"Jackhole" is awesome.

Tracey said...

Jackhole...I LOVE IT!!!

Bubba's Sis said...

Jackhole is a great word! Must start using that one right away.