MIA No More

Has it really been almost 2 weeks since I last posted? I guess I have been having a creative hissy-fit. Nothing seems interesting enough to post...or maybe I'm just not interested enough right now. Work has been very busy and I went through a couple of weeks of being sick with a vague but draining illness. 

I noticed that the only time I really let myself feel sick is on the weekends. Monday through Friday, I am pushing myself to get things done. Then Saturday rolls around and I can't get off the couch. That's not very good self-care, is it?

Do as I say, not as I do.

On a less-ill note, Shane and I went over to Reggie's house Friday night and had a good time chatting with him and his wife. And more importantly, I got a kick-ass present: an autographed picture of Jayne (a.k.a. Adam Baldwin) from Firefly! Thanks again, Reggie! Oh, and thanks a million to Rolando!!!

Up next: mucho Christmas plans (all good) and thoughts of a New Year's Eve party dancing around in my head. What have y'all been up to??

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