Nerd Game

Test your vocabulary knowledge to help feed the hungry! This game is addictive to me...so far my best score is a 40.


Eric said...

Where did the last two hours go? Sheesh. Nerd game indeed.

I'd get to some point where I'd have a word that was 5 letters (or less), I had no clue what it meant, and I had no clue what 3 of the possibilities meant.

Then, some of them are just outright misleading. Deuterogenous?

a) green color blindedness
b) old age

I'm going with b. And I'm wrong.

StaceyG said...

Eric, get out your Latin, French and Greek dictionaries, a la "Akeelah and the Bee."

"genous" to me means being of a specific type- such as homogenous, so I probably would have guessed A, though I didn't see the other 2 choices.