Santa: Fact or Fiction?

Hey, it's December! How did that happen? I finally got the inevitable question from Punkin - "Is Santa Claus real?" I hesitated a little too long. But in the end, I told her that yes, he is real. I just couldn't bring myself to take the magic out of Christmas.

As for me, I found out when I was about 7 years old. We had some friends staying with us over the holidays, and they had a son 2 years older than me. He so kindly broke the news. Then we snuck out to the living room just in time to spy the parents putting together my Barbie Dream House whilst drinking wine. The next morning it had a tag that read "From Santa." Yeah, right.

I think my folks were a bit relieved when I discovered the truth. No more staying up until 2am to make sure I was sound asleep. No more creeping around the house. No more "some assembly required."

This year is going to be especially challenging in the Santa department, as Punkin tends to sleep out in the living room, right by the tree on Christmas Eve. I suppose it will all work out as it is meant to. Ho Ho Ho.


Bubba's Sis said...

I can remember being so crushed when I found out Santa wasn't real. I will never be the one to break it to my kids. I'm sure they probably know (they are 13 and 10) but they don't let on if they do. Even Navy Son, who is 22, was never told by us that Santa wasn't real. I wonder if he's figured it out yet?

Anonymous said...

I was a relative late-comer to the Santa Claus myth. Oldest kid with parents who didn't want to give it up. And my mind was so scientific at age 9 that I hotly contested Lisa Black's claim she had seen the sleigh.

My first girlfriend break-up, all over Santa Claus.

Only recently has the Hubble Telescoped proved that a certain manufacturing center does exist in the Arctic, complete with reindeer and some island full of lost toys.

Tracey said...

I see you have been MIA too. LOL Life just takes over...isn't it funny how that happens? Miss hearing from you...