You Have the Wrong Number

I experienced a new level of frustration this morning. My cell phone kept ringing and when I answered I heard a fax machine. Now, let's look at some facts:

First of all, many people put their documents on the fax, dial, and walk away, expecting everything to work fine. So when they get my voice mail, no one is there to say, "Oops, I better check the number!" Secondly, every time the fax calls me, it costs me at least 1 minute if not more.

Put those together and you have repeated useless cell phone calls eating up too many minutes to consider sane.

What do you do? I answered and said in a loud voice, "This is not a fax machine!" hoping that someone was listening. No dice.

Has anyone had this happen before? Can you call the cellular company and get the minutes taken off? Am I making too much of this in the first place?


danelle said...

Google the fax number, maybe it is a company that has a presence online. Then you can call their actual number and let someone know what's up. Or..you could send a fax to the number in hopes that someone will pay attention.

I would think your cell company would take those minutes off.

Bubba's Sis said...

That IS frustrating! I think my first incoming minute is free on my plan, but I'm not postitive (it used to be, but they change things all the time). I would call your cell company and see if they can give you back those minutes.