Catching Up

Ok, I've been a bit lax in posting lately. I hate "forcing" an entry, you know? But I have to report more law of attraction stuff that has been going on. For one thing, I manifested a 3-day headache. It was so weird - I gave it so much attention that it affected my general health. Once I got distracted yesterday, it went away.

I have also been visualizing branching out and incorporating more variety into my professional life. Now, I've got a concrete plan to do a workshop for parents on how to have "the talk" with their tweens (kids age 7 - 12). I've been asked to volunteer for a significant project with Postpartum Support International and I have started doing psychological testing, which is really fun for me. Also, after months of searching, I think I have found an office mate. I know I was having conflicting feelings because I really do love having my own office. BUT, sharing it will defray some of the cost. The lady that I met with today said it was a "God thing" for her to end up in Pearland instead of a different town as things were falling into place for her. Her name fell into my lap from the universe - an associate of an associate type of thing.

So...life is exciting here outside the box, at least for today. How are things in your world?


Tracey said...

My world is scary right now. Gyno appt, a second mammogram, genetic counselor. All on Thursday. Scared and unsure. *sigh* Hate this want to curl up in my bed and not come out.

So...nice day isn't it? LOL

latt├ęgirl said...

Sounds pretty good, Stace. Other than the headache, of course.

Here, just trying to "keep disillusionment and dismay" at bay (DailyOM). Living day to day, for the most part.

Creechman said...

"Her name fell into my lap from the universe."

Read my mind.