Animal Influence

I've been noticing lately that animals have been having a larger impact on my life. I have always been a cat person, but really - cats are pretty low maintenance and low interaction. We've been adopted by a little dog, and though he is a giant pain in the ass, he's shown me some things that I probably never would have noticed before.

We're having our pool built right now, so we can't let the dog out by himself. He likes to run away. But he won't do his business sitting out there on a leash, either. So, every morning and evening, I have been taking him on a walk. The mornings are pretty much exclusively mine because Punkin is at school. I've really enjoyed the beautiful weather we've had lately and have met other dog owners who are always friendly. I realized that I enjoy our little 15 minute walks and have rearranged my schedule in order to accommodate them.

The other significant animals in my life right now are the two geese that live at the entrance to my subdivision. I realized the other day that I look forward to seeing them - what they're doing, where they are, how they're acting. If I don't see them right away, I get concerned and slow down until I see them behind a rock or sleeping under a tree. They're very friendly and the neighborhood kids love to feed them. They're such a beautiful example of Mother Nature at work.

So there you have it. Maybe I am an "animal person" after all.


Creechman said...

What do you do with all that free morning time?

terry said...

Having a dog to walk is an excellent way to meet people. Over a decade ago, I met a lady who would become one of my most faithful clients.

And cats, low interaction? I think not! My cats follow me around like dogs.