I Had a Good Day...

...yesterday. I went and saw Mike Dooley speak about manifesting change. It was thorougly informative and Mike was a really nice, down-to-earth person with a lot of wit. I got him to sign my "Totally Unique Thoughts" book.

Then, I got bombarded with plans from my wonderful family. Punkin wanted to go play with a friend and Shane wanted to go to the BBQ Cook-Off, which we did. One piece of advice, though: if you have tickets to one of the booths like we did, go in the afternoon - not at night. It took us 3 hours to park, get on the bus, get to the cook-off, get to our booth, get a plate of food and ONE drink, get back to the bus, get to the car and get home. We had a lot of fun just being silly, though. The friends we were with always crack me up.

The big belly laughs came from Bruce doing a great impression of Philip Seymour Hoffman in Along Came Polly: "Dude, we gotta go. I totally just sharted."

I heart potty humor.


selzach said...

I love potty humor. It always makes me laugh. Hubby has been keeping Peanut and me entertained with a new character (he likes to talk in silly voices for our amusement). It's an elderly man who farts all the time. He keeps Peanut and me rolling. "Eh, what was that?"

Creechman said...

BBQ cookoff strategy. Got it. :)