You're an Angel

Anyone who's read this blog for 5 minutes knows that the metaphysical fascinates me. I have been reading Angels 101 by Doreen Virtue. My cousin by marriage has been able to talk to angels since childhood, so you know I have been totally chatting her up lately. She has a fantastic site if you're interested.

Anyway, I was thinking about times when angels in human form have helped me in the past. One time in particular sticks out:

Punkin was about 8 months old and had chronic ear infections. We were on our way into the city to see her ENT doctor. I had a blowout on a major freeway! I know how to change a tire, but it had been years since I had done it. I called AAA and waited for at least 30 minutes on the side of the highway, cars whooshing by at a dangerous proximity. I finally decided to take matters into my own hands, but of course all of the tire changing tools were housed under Punkin's car seat. Ugh.

I moved her into the front seat and got to work. I had barely lowered the spare from under the chassis when a big car full of black guys pulled up behind me. For whatever reason, I didn't feel afraid. They got out, changed my tire with their fancy tools, told me where to go to get a new tire for a good price, and absolutely refused any payment. They said, "God bless you," and drove away.

To this day, I am convinced that they were angels sent to help me. We ended up in the doctor's office, me covered with grease and feeling very grateful.

What about you? Have you been "touched by an angel"?


latt├ęgirl said...

Often, when I read blogs, I comment out loud at the end of the reading. This time, the word that came out was, "Sweet."

Car full of angels: sweet.

I can't be sure if I've met any angels. I know I've met people at odd moments and had conversations that seemed surreal in their timing, but angels... have to think about it.

Then again. I feel pretty sure everyone we meet, be it for even a short period of time, is meant to teach us something.

So perhaps we are all angels, in our own way -- some of us with a few more feathers on our wings than others.

Eric said...

Not touched, but one time I was groped.

StaceyG said...

That was one of the times you spent the night in jail, right Eric?