What's Happening to Me?

Oh my god, I barely know myself. I think I am becoming a DOG PERSON. I have left the appropriate messages on my therapist's voice mail.

I find myself going home at lunch time or working at home instead of going into the office so Nemo won't be alone. I get excited when he poops or pees outside. I speak to him in a strange high-pitched voice. Today, I left the TV on (Animal Planet) so that he would feel less lonely.

My cats look at me like I am a freak. Maybe they're right.


latt├ęgirl said...

I report from the very highest authority when I tell you that the strange, high-pitched voice used by humans when speaking to adored animal companions is called


Kate, of Le Monde de Kate du Fromage, told me this. Therefore, it is true.

StaceyG said...

Geez, I used motherese with my baby...and now the DOG? I MUST be weird.