Another Thought-Thing

Last weekend, I took Punkin to Justice for Girls at her request. She had $12 she wanted to spend. Well, the store is quite pricey, though their stuff is really cute. She left disappointed that she couldn't afford anything much. She kept asking how, besides her allowance money, could she get enough to go shopping there? I told her to manifest it.

My MIL called this morning (Punkin has been with them this weekend) and told me that Punkin had won $75 on a football square while they were at a banquet last night! If you believe in luck, you would probably say she's one of the luckiest people you know: she's won a carnival basket of toys worth $300, 2 classroom drawings and now this - all in the last 3 months!

Children are so much better at this stuff than adults because their minds are so much more open. They believe in magic, Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy. One of my endeavors as a parent is to help her keep her mind as open as possible in the coming years.


terry said...

Awesome. I won't say much more for the nonce because otherwise I'd hijack your comments, but it's AWESOME.

cjh said...

That rocks! The winning and that she's a little gambler... :)

Tracey said...

I believe in Santa Claus...don't you? :)

Very cool on Punkin...now she can go shopping!!! Whee!!!!