beat the holiday blues

from today's daily om:

The holidays can trigger the blues for a lot of people. We all have associations with the music, the decorations, and the foods that are so pervasive at this time of year. We may look back on a happy childhood and feel that our present situation doesn’t measure up. On the other hand, we may be reminded of what we wanted but didn’t get as children. Either way, our real lives are unfolding in the here and now. This is a new holiday season altogether, and we can find joy in the fact that we can make it our own and let it be new.

One key way to reinvigorate your holiday is to let go of feeling obligated to engage in rituals or situations that make you feel unhappy. It is easy to get lost in the trance of tradition and lose track of who you really are and what serves you as you are now. But there is a wonderful payoff if you take the time to touch base with what you really want and give it to yourself. When you take care of yourself, your capacity to give to others expands exponentially, and so does your innate joyfulness.

The first step is taking time to sort through any baggage that’s nagging you. If sad memories present themselves, know that you are not alone. It is well-documented that many people suffer from depression at this time of year. The key is to face these feelings, hear them out, and fully process them so that you can be free again. Try giving yourself the space and time to consider what will be truly healing for you this year. Perhaps you’d rather go on vacation to a tropical island with friends than go back home to a dysfunctional family. Maybe you’d prefer not to exchange gifts. Maybe you want to change-up the traditional dinner fare and make something profoundly healthy or exotic. As you infuse this holiday with new energy, you will feel your blues lightening and your joyfulness steadily on the rise. Try to make this holiday season about who you are now, not what you were in the past. Enjoy.


Creechman said...

Thanks for the advice doc, but your avatar is compelling. What is or is not under that robe? Even the reindeer is curious.

It's a magic act, right? You rip off the robe and turn into a bird. Then the captain has to catch you and put a blanket over your cage.

All this is one long way of saying I have yet to wrap a single Christmas present.

Kambri said...

Wow, Tigger! Once again, you have put into words EXACTLY what I have been thinking / doing this season.

Well said and thanks for being so insightful all the damn time.

Kambri said...

Uh, wait...just saw that it was from the Daily Om. So, I guess it's more a thank you for finding that passage and sharing it!

tigger said...

The OM is wise...

Mark, there is nothing under the robe. No clothes, skin, bones, nothing. I am hiding the fact that I have no substance.

Creechman said...

Shakespeare had lots to say about no substance in Hamlet. Nothing comes from nothing. Ophelia's poor score in swimming lessons.

Excuse me while I re-click on Kambri's picture.

Clicked on your robe, but not much happened. I probably don't have the right Java script.

Isn't that always the way?