festivus...for the rest of us

merry christmas, happy hanukkah, happy kwanzaa, peaceful diwali, and happy festivus! if i've left out your holiday, then you are just too weird and you need to email me so that i can be your friend.

for my christmas present, please leave me a comment and tell me what your definition of "self-care" is and why it is or isn't important to you. by leaving a comment, you are giving me permission to use your quote in my own work.

thanks! y'all rock!


latt├ęgirl said...

Oh, great! I come here to wish you a lovely Christmas day, and I find we've been given an assignment!

I will go away and think about self-care, but for now, I'll just say, may the universe give you your heart's desire.

tigger said...

My heart's desire was hearing from you!! Woo hoo!

Creechman said...

Merry Christmas back Tigger!

Self-care: as opposed to healthy periods of self-indulgence, I view self-care as a more permanently fixed practice of re-adjusting myself when I fall out of whack (for lack of better term). People have different ways of doing this, but however one approaches starting something over (an attitude, relationship, responsibility, etc.) - the realization of being sub-par and putting into practice remedy - I call this "self-care." And it is important for me as is any necessary thing.

That or pizza hut thin crust when you don't care about a $20 bill.

Tracey said...

An assignment??? Oh the pressure...I can't think right now!!! I'm back at work after 4 days off and no clue what my name is. What is my name? Who am I? why am I here???

BTW...Merry Day after Christmas. :) (((hugs)))

tigger said...

Hmmm...is it bad timing to ask for something so soon after turkey? LOL!

Thanks, Mark!

Kate said...

My idea of self-care…


Even though that is a true statement, I admit it’s a cop-out. Therefore, shall ponder the matter seriously.

Pondering seriously,
Crazy Kate of Le Monde de Kate du Fromage

latt├ęgirl said...

*Still pondering seriously*

Ah, I see my lovely Kate was here.

OK. I see self-care as doing what I instinctively know is right for me or the people close to me.

That could mean an axe-job and dump down the well by the lake, but it more likely means buying wheat germ, or not smoking two cigarettes at once.

Self-care is also being as honest as possible, with myself - because I am the one who matters most in MY life -- and bugger the rest of them. It's all little white lies and thinly veiled empathy.

cheryl said...

Hmmm, self-care. Maybe that's when I take time to read from a book of fiction even though there are dishes that need washing and clothes that need folding. Or it could be having a piece of chocolate every day just because it makes me happy.

I think true self-care is doing the things for yourself that no one else could do.

And BTW, I love that you remember festivus!

danelle said...

Self care is recognizing what your body and spirit needs at any given time.