i love my blog friends!

i can't tell you how grateful i am feeling lately for so many things - this includes my blog friends, some of which are real life friends as well, though it's been a while since we've hung out.

cheryl and i met in grad school and were basically ships passing in the night. i have always admired her refusal to back down and her ability to see the beauty and good in just about every situation. she is a rare jewel and i am glad she's keeping a blog to bless her readers as she has (unknowingly, i'm sure) blessed me.

cjh is also a grad school buddy. i remember thinking back then, as well as now, how i wish i had been where she is when i was her age. she's always outdone herself and just about every endeavor that she involves herself in is done extraordinarily well. go congratulate her on her new love...her new house!

creechman started stalking me 3 years ago (right, mark?). in that time, he has ditched my lunch invitations, not come to my parties, and tells me constantly that i need to dye my hair. someday, we will meet and i will figure out why i keep reading. (of course, he keeps me on my toes and woos me with prose so sweet, it drips like molasses, too)

nell found me a couple of years ago and we found out that we are long-lost sisters. seriously, we have so much in common, it's ridiculous! except movies, that is. she has terrible taste in movies!! =) she has also been a wonderful support to me through the years when i needed some extra guidance and a compassionate ear (or is it "eye" when you are talking about email??)

eric and i started emailing back and forth over 10 years ago! we both used to subscribe to a mailing list and were two of only a few texans that posted. that commonality got us e-chatting and we've actually hung out 3 or 4 times over the last decade. eric is a lot of fun and has some great ideas! i love to check in with his blog to see what new and innovative ideas he's come up with.

kambri and i went to elementary, middle and junior high school together. she moved away after our freshman year of high school. we used to have a lot of fun prank calling, tp'ing and other troublemaking schtuff. she looked me up a few years ago and we've been in touch ever since. it's so fun to read about her exciting life as a publicist in new york city!

tracey (formerly kristine) and i started reading each other's blogs a couple of years ago. if i remember correctly, we were both reading nell's blog before that. tracey is one of those people who persists and flourishes. i have always admired her for that because i can't say that i have as much emotional stamina. tracey is a gorgeous woman, mother and friend, and i am so glad that we met!

latte'girl started leaving me comments that made me feel good a couple of months ago and in the time since, i realize that we have a lot in common! we have similar philosophies and she can always give me great insight when i can't seem to see what's in front of me. besides, she thinks i am wise. can't fool anyone more than that! ;)

t-bone writes a blog about the good life: family, peace, happiness and other uplifting things. i am sure that his life is not 100% sunshine and roses, but he always chooses to put his best foot forward and i can count on feeling good after reading his posts. go and congratulate him and his wife on the new addition to his family!

this post took me 4 days to write...a snippet here and a snippet there. but there's nothing wrong with extending the feeling of gratitude and fulfillment!


Tracey said...

Thank you so much for that, Tigger!!! You just brought me to tears...good ones though. I can't even begin to tell you how much I have appreciated you over the last couple of years. You were there through all of the garbage I dealt with in regard to Darren. That in and of itself is something I will treasure always. Both you and Nell were right in saying that I would come out of it a better and stronger person. Without either of you...because you both were my strength in different ways...I'm honestly not sure how I would have fared. You are loved muchly by this woman...:)

creechman said...

The molasses tribute was surpassed only by the "ouch" of missed lunch invitations.

If I wanted you to dye your hair from brunette, then I might as well suddenly shift my ENTIRE personality.

Where do you come up with this stuff, doctor?

Go Jennifer Connelly.

Cheryl said...

This post brought tears to my eyes. The admiration is completely mutual. Reading your blog is always a real treat. Love you!

tigger said...

Mark, I couldn't well post that I have a major crush on you here, now could I??

cjh said...

Yea for happy posts! And thanks! The love goes both ways. I'm so glad we got back in (virtual) touch through the blogs. Maybe we could actually have dinner or something one day (with Cheryl, too).