vacation, day 1

wow, what a day! i woke up earlier than i had wanted to this morning. i had a chance to sleep in, but my body clock is...well, like clockwork. our flight was uneventful (which is a good thing). the drive from phoenix to sedona was very nice. we noticed how the desert shrubbery changed from saguaros to prickly pear to these trees that looked like they were on fire!(that's the technical name)

as we came around the bend on hwy 17, all 3 of us exclaimed "whoa!" in unison. i don't think i have ever seen anything as majestic as sedona's red rocks. if anyone ever needs proof that god exists - here it is!

we're looking forward to our first excursion on the rocks tomorrow. if i can distract myself long enough, i'll keep posting here!


creechman said...

I knew you were going to take a laptop with you and your clockwork body.

Gorgeous photos. Ah, to be somewhere where elevated scenery is not the I45/El Dorado overpass.

om mother life force said...

have a good vacation