it's all good

i have been studying the law of attraction, consciousness, the possibilites of manifesting, and other metaphysical stuff lately. i come across many scientific experiments that interest me; for example, messages from water. today, i read about an experiment conducted in france that was fascinating.

you can follow the link to read more details, but the essence of the experiment goes like this:

a robot was "guided" by a random-number generator (it produces zeroes and ones) - the numbers provided the robot's trajectory. baby chicks were hatched in the presence of the robot, and thus they were imprinted by the idea of the robot as their mother. as instinct dictates, they started following their "mother" around. the experimenters put the chicks in an enclosed area where they could no longer follow the robot. interestingly, the robot started hanging around in the quadrants closest to the chicks, though its programming had not changed and it was still being driven by the random-number generator. for whatever reason, the generator was producing significantly more ones than zeroes all of a sudden. in subsequent experiments, human consciousness seemed to change the numbers that were generated six months previously.

this is the kind of stuff that really grabs my attention and gets me thinking. it's becoming clear to me that the contents of my thoughts are more important than i ever imagined! i am making a concerted effort to choose to look at things from a positive perspective. you know - it's all good!


cjh said...

Hmmm...that is really interesting. Crazy... Thanks for sharing.

Creechman said...

I'm attracted to chicks. Does that mean I'm driven by a smart random number generator. It's a toss-up.

tigger said...

SMART random number generator? Hmmm...