why is the sidebar so far down on my blog all of a sudden? any insight would be appreciated!


Kambri said...

Congratulations on your thoughts and things and your house and all the good stuff!

The reason your side bar bumped down is because the two pics in your last post are too wide. Enter a line break after your first pic and it should be all better.

Eric said...


Looks fine to me.

Creechman said...

Looks normal to me.

Go to view, text size, and reduce it a click or two in either firefox or IE. Or change your screen resolution.

Anonymous said...

Did it happen when you added pix from the last post? Maybe try putting them on separate lines. Basically it thinks your post area is too wide to also fit your sidebar next to it.

tigger said...

Thanks everybody. Apparently it looks ok on some browsers. It appears I need to rethink my pic positions. =)