the 'hood

thanks for the help, everybody! y'all are the best! unfortunately, now blogger doesn't want to publish any of my pictures! use your imagination...the house rocks! we had the inspection yesterday and everything looks great.

another halloween has come and gone. you can tell just by walking outside - there are candy wrappers all over the street and our next door neighbor's trees got tp'd! [brings back memories, huh, kambri?]

punkin dressed up as a cheerleader and i painted her face and put her hair in pigtails. i wore a witch costume that i've had for years. i got a little more creative with the make-up this year, which was fun. the thing i love about this neighborhood is that everyone really knows one another. we were all out last night, ringing door bells and saying hello to people we hadn't seen in a while. we don't have to worry about some psycho putting poison candy in the kids' bags - everyone is so nice!

i'll miss that when we move, but i am also hopeful that we'll get to make new friends soon. apparently, our neighbors-to-be have kids that are around punkin's age. it'll be great - i know it!


cjh said...

Just out of curiosity is the new home in the same town as the old?

tigger said...

Yes, cjh. We're in the same town, but a different subdivision.