when my house gets too cluttered, i get crabby. my daughter has so much stuff! and she's not very good about organizing it. so, not only is her playroom a disaster, but it has oozed slowly into the living room, my work area and even into my bedroom.

this morning when i got out of bed, something in me snapped. i looked at the giant pile of dishes in the sink and the useless piles of little plastic things lying around all over the place. i looked at the boxes and baskets of itsy bitsy toy parts, dried up markers, broken crayons, plastic easter egg halves, and the like, and i just broke inside.

i spent the better part of an hour cleaning the dishes and scooping up things by the armload and putting them into plastic trash bags. my daughter wanted me to play, but i had a mission. my husband wanted me to go buy this and that, but i was too focused. i finally got to the bottom of her toybox, dumped the rest of the stuff out into the trash can, and hauled it all out into the garage.

it was an intense hour, and i am a little tired after all that, but what a difference! i hope that my family will cooperate with me about keeping things a little more reasonably neat around here. i live with 2 packrats and i tend to be more of a minimalist. it's not a great combination, but hey - i love them.

i'm strange and i like it. that's just the way i am.


Bubba's Sis said...

Clutter drives me nuts, too - my house may not be dirt-free, but it sure looks tidy!

Creechman said...

Yea, I spent a few hours yesterday bagging up more fodder for the trash men. Amazing how much LARGER your study can look once freed of books you were never going to touch again since college.