language: friend or foe?

this is a subject i've been thinking a lot about: communication. specifically, the english language.

there are some people who use this language brilliantly, expressing their thoughts in a concise manner or perhaps weaving flowery tales that make even the most simple of things sound elegant. but i think that this is not the norm. i see and hear about more miscommunication in this world. admittedly, it's not only spoken/written language that's failed people, but the unspoken information that we convey with our body language, tone and inflections. and perhaps this is only true among some languages and not others.

try this: explain to me, using the written word (leave it in the comments), how to tie a shoelace. do your best to use technical language and avoid "made-up" techniques (i.e. "make bunny ears with the lace and then put the thingie in the loop..."). i would like to be able to read the description and follow along holding a shoe with laces.

good luck!


Creechman said...

I could do what you ask, but I'm not going to. Too much work.

1. Close eyes
2. Employ muscle memory

tigger said...

3. Continue being lazy ;)

Creechman said...

left string, right string, in each hand.

Place right string over left string, come under in a kerbunkle of Peter Pan, then hold it tight.

This is where you look around wanted someone to hold it for you, but they are not there.

Quickly reverse above instructions left to right and pull tight.

Any questions?

tigger said...

What is a "kerbunkle of Peter Pan"? I can't go any farther without knowing what this is.