weekend update with tigger

hello from sunny california! well, it's pretty cloudy right now, though the clouds have been burning off by about noon. the conference is going well, and i have a ton of literature to take home. i should have brought an extra suitcase!

after my first night from hell, i was fighting a migraine all day. i skipped the banquet last night and stayed in the hotel room to relax and eat some room service food. i passed out around 10pm and didn't move until the alarm went off at 7:45. but i'm still groggy, like i didn't sleep well. i guess i am just not going to win on this trip! i am thoroughly looking forward to going home tomorrow and sleeping in my own bed!

my roommate, who i had met only once in person 2 years ago, has turned out to be a good person to share a room with. we have a few things in common, including the experience of severe postpartum anxiety and depression. we bonded over a conversation about what meds we were taking. =)

this is probably going to be my last post, as i am going to san francisco this evening to stay at a motel by the airport. my flight out is at 8:30am. i hope everyone is having a great weekend!

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