just kill me now

jet lag should be used as a form of torture. I'd tell you anything about now if you'd just make me feel better! the 4-hour flight was soooo boring, even with the book and computer. though i couldn't get any sound, so i just worked on something that needed my attention. the movie on the plane was just as i predicted - testosterone filled "be cool" with john travolta and "the rock" with an afro. i even had a coupon for free headphones and didn't use them. i wasn't able to nap either, so my body thought it was 7pm when i arrived in san francisco, though local time was 5pm. after an hour and a half on a shuttle bus, i got settled in at the hotel and made myself stay up until 10pm (12am texas time). nevertheless, i woke up at 5:30am local time and wasn't able to go back to sleep. i am optimistic about tonight - i should be able to pass out just from sheer exhaustion.

this morning's speakers were awesome. i need things like this occasionally to "light a fire" under me. i am also having an unusual influx of voice mails from potential clients wanting appointments! that puts a little strain on my decision to go back to work full-time. i don't think i have told y'all about that yet. maybe some other time. right now i have approximately 20 minutes to lie down before lunch is served.

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