just for you

insomnia is such a weird thing. the source of it can range from just sleeping too much over the weekend to constant, severe worry or pain. this morning at 4:12, i woke up from a nightmare involving snakes. after the initial "whew, i'm glad that was just a dream" phase, i settled down to go back to sleep. but somnolence escaped me.

though i am traveling today, i wasn't thinking about it too much, and certainly wasn't worrying about it. while i don't take many trips by myself, i have done it before and i know i can do it again. my thoughts were random musings interspersed with fears that my tossing and turning would wake the captain. i finally crawled out of bed around 4:45 and entertained myself by reading blogs and answering emails. it is now almost 8:30am and i feel like i've been working half the day already and am feeling a bit worn out. the good news is that a 4 hour plane ride is imminent and i can probably catch a nap.

the advances in travel convenience never cease to amaze me. i have already checked in with the airline! i have my boarding pass sitting in my laptop case. if i didn't have to check a bag, i could just mosey through security and up to my gate. and as an added bonus, i got a certificate for a free pair of headphones so that i can watch the usually hideous testosterone-filled movie selection or listen to the music genre of my choice during the flight.

now, someone needs to invent "beaming," like from star trek. you have to go to new york city for a seminar? just beam over there in seconds! i would gladly pay extra for this convenience, as i absolutely abhor the act of traveling. i am not a very patient person and i certainly don't like being crammed into the stranger sitting next to me. the turbulence that i once thought was fun now makes me nauseous and i get incredibly bored, even with amenities like movies, music, books and my laptop. it should be an interesting trip, to say the least. and you'll get to read all about it because i am taking my laptop...for you. just for you!

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