emerging from the fog

okay, not only am i addicted to diet coke, but i think i may have the same problem with the internet. or maybe i am just bored sitting in the airport waiting for my 8:45am flight. i just love the wi-fi network here at SFO. you can literally go anywhere in the airport and be connected.

yesterday turned out to be pretty fun. eric picked me up in his porsche convertible and we drove down the highway with the top down. he drove me by the yahoo! offices and by a military airfield that had giant satellite dishes and a mysterious looking giant hangar. we went to santana row and walked around until we decided to sit at a sidewalk cafe ben and jerry's. ice cream hit the spot. we left and drove to his girlfriend, kaitlyn's, house. we piled in her little car (the porsche can only fit 2 people) and drove to the golden gate bridge. it was awesomely foggy and i got some great pics. but it was also very cold! even with my sweater on, i was ready to go after a few minutes, and eric had forgotten his jacket, so he didn't argue. our last stop was at a little hole-in-the-wall cafe called the crepevine. as you could probably guess, their specialty is all kinds of crepe dishes. but i had ginger pumpkin pancakes and they were heavenly. they dropped me off at my hotel around 9pm, i showered and got to bed a little after 10 and had to drag myself out of bed at 6am to catch the shuttle here.

so, the conference and the touristy stuff was great. now i think i have been to every major city in california. san diego will always be my favorite, but san fran runs a close second.

i guess i ought to get to my gate now. it's going to be another full flight, with me crammed against the window. yee haw.

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