you gotta have faith

well, i emailed the amaz0n.com guy and he blamed it on his assistant, but also said that he would take the blame as well. i thought that was semi-decent of him, so i didn't completely rag him on the rating. i am a softie.

i got an email from psi's coordinator director asking if i would like to be a co-coordinator for texas. i see this as an in-road to better business, as well as making a difference. little did i know that she cc:d my associate s. that i have been telling you about. and of course, s. was more than happy to be co-coordinator as well (texas has co-coordinators because it is so big - i believe there's someone in san antonio, too). i am now wondering if she is going to scramble to get travel arrangements made for the conference next month. i did send her an email a while back asking her if she was going. she never answered that question, so i didn't pursue it. if she can go off and write a book, then i can sure go to a stupid conference without involving her. and no, she hasn't made time for us to get together. whatever. i am mad at myself for even caring.

i may have a speaking engagement soon. i have been trading calls with the counseling center at my alma mater. i finally spoke to one of the counselors today and she sounded pretty interested in having me come speak. i am also going to get in gear to write an article for the local papers and do a news release officially announcing my practice. i am getting some referrals from several different places, so that's nice. i am seeing about 5 clients per week. i am still praying about what i should do to supplement my income. perhaps the speaking thing will work out, who knows?

it's all about faith. and that's easier said than done.

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