a jumble of thoughts

i've had many thoughts today that i tried to remember to write about here. i wonder how many i can think of now.

i absolutely hate grocery shopping. i'd rather clean my toilets than go to the grocery store. today, i got to do both! yes, i can be quite the domestic goddess. i'm not quite sure why i hate shopping so much. today, i went to a different store than i usually go to, so the change made the chore more pleasant. there's just something so mind-numbing about pushing a squeaky cart up and down the aisles, hoping to pick out some things that my family will actually like. and i don't really cook, so when it is time to prepare a meal, i am lucky if i have anything to go with the entree'. i am good at buying meat, but that's as far as i get in my little mind.

people who don't use their blinkers annoy me to no end. i can't read my husband's mind...what makes these strangers think i am more tuned in to them? i think texas drivers are particularly blinker-challenged. do people use their turn signals in your neck of the woods?

i ordered a book from one of amaz0n.com's marketplace people on 4/14. they give the seller a ridiculous window for shipping. i had to wait until 5/6 to be able to log a complaint. so, i emailed the seller, who responded that he mailed it weeks ago and just knew it would show up, though he had not bought any tracking information. on saturday (5/7) when it still hadn't shown up, i emailed him and asked him for a refund, which he quickly agreed to. i went to check the mail today and - lo and behold - there was my book! the postmark on it indicated that "weeks ago" meant 5/3 to this guy. i emailed him and called his bluff, indicating that if he would just admit the mistake, i would give him a decent rating. i intend to trash him if he replies with more lies.

have you ever noticed that when you smile at a person who looks sad, they don't look sad anymore?

okay, that's all i can pull from my tired little brain today. if you're still wanting to read, go visit mark. he's been home sick today and needs more material for his fever-induced delusions...

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