outta shape

i am so glad i went into the office to see my 1:00 client who never showed up and didn't bother to call! sometimes i have to wonder what's wrong with people. this woman is highly intelligent and has a lot of common sense. maybe all of her fingers are broken. bah!

at least i got to come home to change into my "workout wear." yes, you read right. i am going to the gym today. even though the gym is smaller than my house, i have to attend an orientation. i know they probably have to do that for safety and "cma" reasons, but it's annoying. i know how to turn on the treadmill. the sad fact is that i have let myself go for so long that i am going to have to start over. i cleaned my house on monday and my hamstrings are still sore. the yoga class was out of the question - unless i wanted to be laid up for the rest of the week. so yeah, i can turn on the treadmill.

i have a relative (by marriage) who claims that she can see angels. she says that punkin is a very special girl. i am dying to find out how and why! i am not sure how i feel about her "gift," but if she has something to say about my little punkin, then i want to know.

okay, i'd better get to the gym before my behind changes my mind! heh...that rhymes.

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