what's on your mind?

i'm glad you asked! i'm always happy to share with you what's going on (in an anonymous, censored kind of way). first, the good news: mom's biopsy came back clear! she doesn't have cancer! apparently, these thyroid enlargements are pretty common - if they get big enough, they become lovely goiters. hers is still small, and may not get any bigger.

now you expect bad news? nah, not today. i had lunch with my mother in law and punkin went home with her. we will be joining them tomorrow afternoon after i see my saturday morning client. the captain works 1/2 days on fridays, so he is out puttering in the yard. i am hoping we can go catch the hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy tonight.

i was driving to meet my mil today, with punkin in the back chattering away like she does. at one point, she told me that i could save a lot of money if i switched electric providers and then named the company in question! i didn't want to hear myself lecture her about believing everything she hears on tv, so i didn't, but that transaction really made an impact on me. i guess somewhere in the back of my mind, i knew that advertisers have been preying on our collective subconscious, but for some reason, i thought punkin was immune. not! but at least she's telling me how i can save money and not how i can spend it on some ridiculous toy! i'm sure that's coming soon to a road trip near you!

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