motivation is not in my dictionary

on the advice of my commenters and the results of some brief research on jehovah's witnesses, i have officially dissed them. well, i guess i didn't disrespect them, but i did leave a very nice note on my door that basically said, "thanks but no thanks." i see that it's gone, so i am hoping that will be the end of that. if not, i'll have an excuse to practice being assertive.

i think i mentioned that i joined a gym. that part was easy. it's getting there that i'm finding difficult. i went on monday and am planning on going today after i see my 1:00 client. ideally, i'd like to go tomorrow morning as well. i don't remember motivating myself being so difficult in the past! i do feel better after a nice workout. it's not like i have any pressing business to attend to. *sigh*

speaking of pressing business, i have a part-time job lead with a psychologist. i emailed him my resume yesterday. i should probably call and follow-up on that, huh?

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