today, i took my mom shopping for clothes. we weren't looking for an entire wardrobe, mind you - just one outfit she could wear to a job interview. as she was looking at stuff and pulling out things that caught her eye, i suddenly understood why i was always dressed like an old lady as a child. my mother and i could not have more opposite taste in clothing! today, she deferred to me, since i am the supposed "professional." the more i thought about it, the more the horrid patchwork vests at Christmas made sense to me. she was buying for me using her taste. i always thought that she wanted me to look like an idiot to keep the boys away!

i bought our tickets for star wars: revenge of the sith online today. though i doubt the 1:00 show on friday will be sold out, you never know. my dad told me about some people from england that flew in 3 weeks ago and have been camping outside an austin movie theater ever since. the movie is being shown every half-hour! i don't think they'll miss it! but i suppose everyone has a different idea of fun. camping out in a movie theater parking lot for 3 weeks in 90-degree heat is just not high on my list.

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