a post of the Biblical kind

i've been targeted by jehovah's witnesses. i just can't be mean to them. it's this nice older lady who usually has a younger apprentice with her. so far, all they want to do is share things from the Bible - most of which i have studied before. they know i have a home church and am happy with it. on one hand, i wouldn't mind them coming in and doing a Bible study with me. but on the other hand, i am terrified that they'll try to push their beliefs on me. perhaps next time they come around, i'll just be up front with them. i'll read and talk about the Bible with you, but i have no interest in hearing about, nor converting to, a jehovah's witness. do you think i am just kidding myself in thinking that there's a chance they just want to talk about the Bible?

speaking of the Bible, the client that freaked out on me last week asked me to pray with him today. so...how's your day going?

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