still no word from that psychologist. i called his office yesterday and left him a message. maybe i'll hear something today. it just nerves me when people don't take the time to briefly respond to my emails. how hard is it to push "reply"?

i am doing free stress and wellness consultations this sunday at my office. i have advertised in the paper and have put flyers up. i am hoping to get a client or two out of it. honestly, i don't expect very many people to show up. i'd be ecstatic if 5 came. i have heard from more than one business owner that things like this usually have a low turnout. but i guess you never know. in the meantime, i have built a website for my practice and have gotten some interest from other therapists to have me build them a site, too.

it's friday, but the days are starting to blur together again. it's hard to be excited about the weekend when you've been home all week. but at least i'll get to spend some time with the fam. we're supposed to go to a birthday party tomorrow at the zoo in record heat. yay. it's a good thing i don't sweat a lot. (yes, that was sarcasm. it's one of my more endearing qualities...)

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